Odonate Slippers ref. The Recycled

Odonate Slippers ref. The Recycled

Odonate slippers ref. The Recycled by BioFootWear® Company


Mainly recycled wool


Outsole in flax


Inner lining in natural cotton


100 % Biodegradable and compostable


100 % Bio-sourced


Woman size - 27 cm


Man size - 30 cm


Let's offer comfy slippers to your clients :

- Wool : available in 400 gr/m2 or 700 gr/m2

- Flax : 1000 gr/m2


Our 100% recycled wool comes from scrap fabrics from garment production. This fully open slipper will be wonderfully light and comfortable with its 100% bio-sourced foam.


This product is entirely made in Portugal. Natural Slippers by BioFootWear® Company

BioFootWear® Company is a french company designing eco-friendly products for the hospitality industry. We created the only 100% organic slipper. -  © 2018 - BioFootWear® Company - Website created by Tekly.fr

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