Discover the unique concept of BioFootWear® Company, exclusive distributor of the first 100% vegetable straw.

Cane straws

Small and light, straws are only too rarely found in recycling bins, a problem that can be observed on beaches.


And although straws are only a tiny fraction of the plastic polluting the oceans, their size makes them one of the most harmful polluters because they get entangled and marine animals and fish consume them.


The alternative

to plastic.

Recyclable and compostable, sugar cane bio-plastic appeared as a credible alternative to oil.

Sugar cane crop is fighting against soil erosion, absorbs a large quantity of CO2, does not intrude on subsistence crop and requires little water.

Made with agricultural waste from sugar cane culture, this bio-plastic is complying with circular economy.


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Discover the first straw 100% compostable, made from sugar cane.