Discover the unique concept of BioFootWear® Company, a history and responsible products 100% plant-based.

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first step.

Our slippers collection is unique. Our products are 100% organic in accordance with the ISO 16620-2 standard.

all natural envoronmentally friendly slippers

The life cycle
of a slipper.

Discover all our bamboo bags for your slippers, shoes, hair dryers, or newspapers.

Fully biodegradable, compostable, and organic, with the dimensions you want.


After use, the Odonate slipper becomes a waste.


Once underground, the product softens naturally.


In just 90 days the product has become compost.

How is it made ?


Our objective ? Produce without artifice, with a look at the environment.

Yours ? Offer a sincere and committed service to your customers.

Blue. White. Red.

Our linen is French. We offer a 100% French material.

Play the authenticity card and opt for a directly selected raw product in Normandy.


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environmentaly friendly bamboo