The slipper
by BioFootWear®

BioFootWear® Company is the creator

from the first bio-sourced hotel slipper.


Our products are 100% vegetal and bio-sourced.


Our slippers comply with the ISO 16620-2 standard.


BioFootWear Company manufactures its products in Europe.

Ecological. Essential. Revolutionary.

The Odonate collection from BioFootWear® Company is 100% naturel.

All plastics of fossiel origin have been replaced by materials of plant origin, in order to obtain a noble and committed product.

All natural and envionmentallly friendly white slippers

Natural luxury for your customers.

BioFootWear® Company has created for you the very first 100% natural and bio-sourced hotel slipper.

Get an ecolabel.

With our products you can allow your establishment to obtain an eco-label thanks to the lower carbon footprint of plant origin. Also communicate freely on our ISO 16620-2 certification.

We are a white mark.

We make our products available and you choose to personalize them with your logo, your colors or even your prints.

They trust us.



environmentally friendly bamboo